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Standard Services
Techno commercial consultancy of projects
We as manufacturer of both Parboiling and Rice milling plants give our customers an upper edge in pre planning and forecasting their future and incidental needs. Regular Customers get a complementary and free of charge consultancy for their upcoming or ongoing projects as per our expertise and experience in the field since 1966 . The consultancy services are of following types .

1. From start of an idea to its execution road map.
2. Techno commercial feasibility analysis and commercial planning.
3. Statutory requirements of other areas such as electricity , pollution control and logistics.
4. Cost effective building and warehouse planning .
5. On special demand the site planning according to “VAASTU “

Application Prove out and quality Appraisal
Due to our widespread network we have a network of around 1000 plant operators and drivers who are expert in running the plant according to various crops and requirements according to area. Trial Running and machine test run are part of the scope of supply but the trained man power that stays and runs the plant and lot of investment is at stake in form of investment of fixed assets and raw material can only be fulfilled with utmost care.

Providing Teams for Erection and commissioning of Plant and Machinery :
Proper installation is very important for the optimum performance of the Plant and machinery. We have network of Fitters and installation teams who will themselves take care of installation. Most of our Rice mills are bolted and folded construction so a plant operator can also follow the manuals and install the Equipment. The use of Boom Cranes and forklifts speeds up the things. The modular construction of chasis Structure and Platforms gives an upper edge in Quick and speedy completion of work.

Spare parts

At Devraj group

We try to use the replaceable spares such as bearings , oil seals etc which are commonly used in automobiles of agricultural sector so the customer do not need to buy the spares from us only .

Consumable spares like sieves etc are easily available all over the country some of the customers complain about the inferior quality local consumables which deplete the product quality . in that case customers can order the ghigh quality spares made of special steel which lasts longer and improve the output and decrease the running cost and break down.

The machine components are made of special alloy castings those parts if used can enhance the life of the machine as they are properly made by cnc machines for better fitment and compatibility . Our Spares Department works Six days a week to arrange for quick and timely delivery of spares right at your doorsteps.

Repair & Reconditioning
Every machine has a service life and after some time it needs overhauling and reconditioning. The machines needs to be checked and worn out parts to be replaced time to time .

Traditional cone polishers can be retrofitted with new readymade cone also . the readymade cones are available for 30” , 35” and 40 “ cone polishers. The readymade cones give an advantage in higher yields and better polishing and lesser brokens at same time.

Training & Courses
Training to install , run and repair the machines is provided free of cost to aspiring mechanics and drivers.

Logistics and dispatch
Since many parts need to be sent by transport and couriers a full time person is deputed to assist the customers on the helpdesk.

Advanced Services
Tele-support : Many of the issues related to service and applications are sorted out by tele –support .Like it has been observed that by discussing , sometimes increase/decrease of revolutions of machine can bring the drastic change in the performance.

Video-Conferencing : the trouble and the problem is easily diagnosed through the availability of skype and other medias available in handheld devices.

Customer service online -
Fast and professional support by the Devraj Customer Service.

Analytics Laboratory
Each and every Type of paddy has different physical and bio chemical properties . The samples of paddy avaialbel with customers area of operation are tsted and a tailormade solution is provided.Your Partner for Analyses, Consulting & Research.